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Bathroom Lighting

If your bathroom is a welcome retreat where you love to relax, let Illumin-Nation help you with the planning of your lighting and turn it into a stylish room of wonder. The lighting in your bathroom is just as important as the lighting anywhere else in your home.

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Garden Lighting

Imagine a garden space where you and your family can relax at the end of a busy day beneath practical, stylish lighting that creates a stunning outdoor mood. At Illumin-Nation, we trade as your friendly local experts for garden lighting in Wallingford.

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Home Lighting

At Illumin-Nation, we understand that the lighting within your home has a huge part to play in the way you live your life. Although practicality is an important feature, the ambience that your lighting creates can affect your mood or the way you relax and we never forget these vital considerations for a single moment.

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The Advantages of Garden Lighting in Berkshire

As one of the few lighting shops to cover the Berkshire area, we know the importance of helping you choose the correct garden lighting to illuminate your landscaping and your outdoor life. Alongside our services as a bathroom lighting shop and a kitchen lighting shop, we will be able to talk you through the possibilities to get the most out of your garden.

There’s a wide variety of garden lighting such as LED, incandescent and fluorescent available. So whether you’re sitting on your decking, patio, lawn or in need of security lighting we have many different installations to choose from.

Here we list some of the benefits of using our garden lighting for your Berkshire home.

Safety Garden Lighting in Berkshire - Light up the paths and garden by using intelligent lighting to guide your way at night. We have wall spotlights to automatically come on as soon as you go outside or there’s garden lighting that can be strategically placed to light up the whole garden at once. Whatever you choose, it means that you won’t be walking into or stepping on something you shouldn’t. As a kitchen lighting shop we can also help you choose new installations for the Berkshire home.

Security Garden Lighting in Berkshire

Security – Strong garden lighting gives you and your family a feeling of security and presence. Keeping the outdoor areas illuminated is a deterrent for any would be intruder. Lights with a motion sensor will automatically come on. This works especially well if you’re in a more isolated of location in Berkshire. Our lighting shops team will help you pick the illumination needed for your Berkshire garden.

Ambience - Correct garden lighting installation will enable a pleasant and inviting ambience and in the summer months when entertaining, the garden will become a fantastic and attractive extension of your Berkshire home. For family BBQ’s or work related meetings, we can help produce the right setting for you. Alongside our services as a bathroom lighting shop, we can not only offer garden lighting but illuminate the whole house.

Illumin-Nation is an experienced garden, kitchen and bathroom lighting shop that attracts customers from all over Berkshire. Why not join the many returning customers and check out our lighting shop today? We guarantee that you will walk away with correct garden lighting to give you security, elegance and ambience.

As with all of our lighting, we can help you plan and design the garden lighting as well as install if needed. Our experienced staff will be able to have your purchases set up in no time at all.

Call us today on 01491 833505 to see what garden lighting we have to offer Berkshire residents for their home. We will be only too happy to help.

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